Food, Nutrition and Health

Let’s Go! was born in 2006 with support and funding from seven Maine-based business leaders (a group of organizations that we now refer to as our Founding Partners). Building off the success of the 5-2-1-0 healthy habits message, which originated with the Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative (MYOC), a team of dedicated professionals set out to tackle childhood obesity. The program expanded and in 2007 committed to working in multiple settings (school, out-of-school, child care, health care, community, and workplace). Let’s Go! continues to use this multi-setting model today. The program has become a movement fostering positive changes, one healthy choice, one healthy habit, one healthier environment at a time.


The Take a Healthy Summer Break Infographic is a colorful 1-page resource that schools and community groups can distribute to parents to increase awareness of the importance of healthy choices during the summer months!


Did your garden flood this year? Well here are some helpful tips on how to use your produce safely!

Safely Using Produce from Flooded Gardens