Family Living

University of Wisconsin-Extension help families thrive in a rapidly changing world. Backed by University of Wisconsin research, Family Living educators work with families to help them solve problems and improve the quality of family life. This education meets family needs throughout the life span – from improving prenatal nutrition and parenting skills to planning an estate and caring for an aging parent.

What are the goals of UW-Extension programs for families? Family Living programs are carefully designed to achieve specific outcomes for families.

  • Increase the self-sufficiency of low income families. One way this is done is through the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP).
  • Maximize resources for life-long well-being.
  • Improve health.
  • Build community partnerships and policies that strengthen families and youth.


Need some help with a tough parenting situation?  It can be as close as your IPod. “Secrets of Parenting Podcasts” is produced by North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, Dr. Karen DeBord, Child Development Specialist.  Just some of the topics you’ll find include: “Sibling Rivalry “, “Guidance with Television and Videos”, “Guiding your Teenager” and“Children and Whining in Public Places. To access go to  Don’t have an IPod?

Fact Sheets are also available.

For more information on parenting contact the Price County UW-Extension Office at 339-2555




If you have any questions regarding Family Living in Price County, please contact:

Libby Slack- Family Living Educator 100%
Price County – UW Extension
Normal Building, Room 240
104 South Eyder Avenue
Phillips, WI 54555-1394
Phone: (715) 339-5341
Fax: (715) 339-3824