Celebrate the Arts!

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is excited to announce a brand new event to support and promote the 4-H ARTS called “CELEBRATE THE ARTS.”  The inaugural event will be held October 2018 and will include an Arts Auction and Reception to support and promote the 4-H Arts Program, and to network with arts-programming supporters and prospects. Proceeds from the event will be invested in the Talen Endowment for 4-H Arts Programming and in the arts program for the next 4-H calendar year.

To make this event successful, Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is sponsoring an Arts Contest with cash prizes totaling $700. To be eligible for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Arts Contest, youth must be a 4-H member in good standing for the 2017-2018 Program Year.  Entrants do not need to be enrolled in any specific project to participate. All art must fit into or use the theme “Head, Heart, Hands, Health.”  The contest will be divided into four categories:

First and a second place will be awarded in each category with a Best of Show Award given to one entry chosen by the judging committee.  Category winners will receive a $100 cash award and reserve in each category will receive a $50 cash award.  The Best of Show Entry will receive an additional $100 cash award.

 Entries will be accepted on Monday, June 25, 2018 from 11 to 2 pm, at Sellery Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus.  Entries can be delivered by the artist, a representative of the artist, a County Youth Educator or a member of a county delegation to Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference.  Items can also be mailed prior to June 25th to:

Celebrate the Arts

610 Langdon St

436 Lowell Hall

Madison, WI 53703

Items not placing first or second in their division will be released at the conclusion of Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference.  Any item not picked up at the conclusion of the conference will NOT be returned to the artist.  All items must have the following information printed on or firmly attached to the back of the art:

  1. Artist Name
  2. Artist Address
  3. Artist Email (if available)
  4. Artist Phone Number
  5. Artist County
  6. Artist 4-H Club Name and Leader’s Name
  7. Artist Grade
  8. Brief description (100 words or less) of the inspiration for the piece.
  9. Brief statement (100 words or less) about what 4-H means to the artist.

The first and second place items in each category will become the property of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and will not be returned.  All rights to the winning pieces of art become the property of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and artists relinquish all rights to use, reproduce or exhibit their entry.  Artists may be asked to sign their work or to sign reproductions of their work.  The top two entries in each category will be sold at “Celebrate the Arts.”

The “Celebrate the Arts” Event will be held at the Brittingham House on Saturday, October 13 from 5-7 p.m. Artists of the winning pieces will be invited to attend the event to present their artwork at the auction.

We are looking forward to showcasing Wisconsin 4-H members’ artistic and creative masterpieces at the WI 4-H & Youth Conference Arts Contest in June! If you have any questions about the Arts Contest and Celebrate the Arts Event, please contact Amber Rehberg at amber.rehberg@ces.uwex.edu or 608.262.1557.