Dairy Bar Managers

Are you 14 years and older and interested in leadership?

We are looking for managers for this years Dairy Bar at the Price County Fair.

As a Dairy Bar Manager, you would have the responsibility to lead and guide those who you work with. You are in charge of working to make the Dairy Bar run smoothly.   This includes helping wherever needed and letting the adults know when something runs out.  As a manager, you are the face of the Dairy Bar.  People will be looking to you for leadership and to show them how the Dairy Bar is run.  This includes arriving at your shift a few minutes early, wearing appropriate clothing for work, using appropriate language, smiling at customers, and having a good attitude while working.  Our first 4-H Dairy Bar Manager Meeting will be held on Monday, July 16th from 4-6pm.  This meeting is mandatory. We will also be planning our Dairy Bar Training which is scheduled for Monday, August 6th from 6-7pm (before the Youth Leaders meeting).

If you are interested please fill out the Dairy Bar Manager Application Fillable and return it to the UW Extension office by July 9th, 2018.