Babysitting Clinic

The University of Wisconsin-Extension will hold our annual Babysitting Clinic in TWO locations for all youth ages 12 & older.

Topics to  be covered at the clinic include: safety with children, child development, toys and games, and CPR & first aid.


OGEMA PUBLIC LIBRARY– The cost is $20  with meals and snacks provided.

June 12th 3-7pm, June 13th  3-6pm, June 14th 3-7pm

To register, mail the Ogema Babysitting Registration Form with payment to UW Extension 104 S Eyder Ave., Room 240. Phillips, WI 54555

Registration deadline is June 4, 2018


PHILLIPS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL— Offered during Phillips Summer School, JUNE 11-21.  There will not be a cost for this class.

To register contact Tyler Ring @